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Broken Minds project

Since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011, over 1 million Syrians have crossed the border to Turkey to find refuge, with over half having suffered some psychological trauma.

As we currently work in Turkey to help Syrian refugees, we have seen first hand how the youngest and most vulnerable are trying to deal with what they have previously witnessed during the civil war.

Having fled to safety in Turkey, often only with the clothes they were wearing and with loved ones missing, daily life is not only physically challenging but for many women and children they have deep psychological scars which could manifest into long term mental health issues.

Launched in July 2015, Muntada Aid’s Broken Minds project works with partner organisations to directly help Syrian children and their mothers, who are currently living in Istanbul, rebuild their lives.

The project focuses on five areas:

  1. Provision of psychotherapy for women and children.
  2. Art therapy to help children express and explore their thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  3. Turkish language lessons and educational classes to enable families to integrate into their new environment and gain access to better services.
  4. Access to Legal support so that families can be better informed about their basic rights.
  5. Sports activities will be available for the children to develop mentally and physically.
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