Muntada Aid attended the third prestigious IDSB NGO Exhibition 2018 in Istanbul. Over 200 NGO’s, Foundations and Community Groups from around the world were present.

“This has been a great platform to introduce Muntada Aid to the world arena, creating awareness about important causes, our international efforts and our commitment to developmental work”, Hamid Azad, CEO.

The Muntada Aid team had the pleasure of meeting with long-term delivery partners from Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Ghana. The team successfully recruited over 40 new volunteers, initiated new professional relationships and sought future partners in aid delivery.

“We would like to be part of the vision in a way that will make us partners”, Ihssane (New Volunteer, Muntada Aid)#Istanbul #MuntadaAid #Turkey #Development #Growth #Awareness #BrokenMinds #LittleHearts #Charity #Support #Volunteers #DropOfLife