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More than 39,000 people have been killed and 70,000 injured in Gaza since October 7.

Last week, most aid agencies warned that more than one in four households in Gaza were enduring “catastrophic” hunger. The risk of famine occurring in the Strip within the next six months was confirmed by the latest Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report, which showed that the entire population of Gaza, some 2.2 million people, is living with “crisis or worse” levels of acute food insecurity. 


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Muntada Aid Impact?

Since October 2023, Muntada Aid has distributed food equivalent to over 3 million in Gaza.  We have also distributed thousands of pieces of winter clothing for children.

We have run PTSD clinic workshops for children living at makeshift shelters in Rafah.

We have also provided medical aid through our partners.

What is Muntada Aid Doing in Gaza this Ramadan?

Muntada Aid is delivering three types of food packs in Gaza during Ramadan.  

We have finished delivering pre-Ramadan food packs, and we are now delivering emergency food packs and baby food packs for the rest of Ramadan and beyond.

Please support our appeal.

How Can You Support?

Muntada Aid has long-term and emergency programmes running in Gaza. You can donate your Zakat and Sadaqah towards one of our programmes and help those in need.

By donating £50 towards our Gaza emergency appeal, you can provide a Ramadan food pack to people living in Rafah.

You can also donate any amount of money towards one of our programmes in Gaza, and once things stabilise, we will use these funds towards our long-term projects as part of rebuilding Gaza.

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Muntada Aid Emergency Distribution in Gaza

Muntada Aid Longterm Projects in Gaza

Muntada Aid PTSD Centre Damaged in Gaza Bombing  

Muntada Aid, in partnership with Palestine Trauma Centre, runs a Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) centre for children and young adults in Gaza, which has now been damaged in the ongoing bombing by Israeli government forces.  

We are worried about the safety of our team members, their families and civilians caught in this recent cycle of violence.
"Our centre has been offering support to children who have faced unimaginable trauma throughout their lives. Many of these children were injured, and some children lost their parents and relatives during previous bombings of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Air Force.
Unfortunately, the roof of our building was completely damaged in the ongoing bombing. We are anxious about the safety of children and our team members," said Kabir Miah, Programmes Manager Muntada Aid.
It is one of the few centres offering psychological support and treatment to children with PTSD in Gaza.
In 2022, we were able to help over 24,000 people in Gaza with various levels of psychological support.

Our PTSD Centre is Running Sessions from Makeshift Spaces for Children in Gaza

Since the start of the ongoing war, over 7000 children have been killed in Gaza, and thousands more have been injured.

Muntada Aid, in partnership with Palestine Trauma Centre, runs a PTSD clinic in Gaza. Unfortunately, it was bombed in October. But seeing the suffering of children, our brave team on the ground decided to run to some play activity sessions for children in the south of Gaza.

Even before the ongoing war, children in Gaza have long been suffering from various mental health issues.

A study conducted in 2020 found that 53.5 percent of children in Gaza had PTSD. Nearly 90 percent had experienced personal trauma. A study released this summer says 9 out of 10 children in Gaza suffer from some form of conflict-related trauma.

About Gaza

The people of Gaza continue to suffer. The blockade and the war have caused years of suffering. The public infrastructure and services are badly damaged.According to various reports, 95% of the ground water in Gaza is “well above” the guidelines for safe drinking water. About 50 percent of Gaza’s children suffer from water-related infections.The recent conflict has had a far-reaching and devastating impact on children's wellbeing, according to a new report by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, 90 % of the children in Gaza suffer from PTSD.

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Clean Water For Gaza

In addition to limited safe water, the Gaza Strip has long been hit by a chronic energy crisis that results in daily blackouts in family homes. Water resources have long been critically scarce in the Gaza Strip, and the situation is getting beyond dire. Ninety five percent of the water extracted from the coastal aquifer is now considered unfit for human consumption. There is over-extraction of water from the aquifer, allowing seawater from the Mediterranean to seep into it, along with sewage and chemicals. To drink, most families depend on water they buy from private vendors at a high cost and without quality control, or on imported water. A 2012 United Nations study warned that the aquifer of the Gaza Strip could become unusable by 2017, with the damage irreversible by 2020.

Seawater desalination is one of the strategic options to help provide 2 million Palestinians in the coastal enclave – including one million children – with safe drinking water. The desalination of seawater from the Mediterranean is essential to curb over-extraction of groundwater from the coastal aquifer, to prevent an environmental disaster and to start the slow process of aquifer restoration.

In addition to limited safe water, the Gaza Strip has long been hit by a chronic energy crisis that results in daily blackouts in family homes.

Muntada Aid Water Desalination Plants 

To overcome this crisis, Muntada Aid is installing a number of water desalination plants in Gaza. Each water station will provide


Litres of water every day


Liters of water per year
Povide clean, safe water to


People every day

Muntada Aid Impact 2022

Helped Over 24,000 People with mental Health Support
Provided Clean Drinking Water to Over 15,000 People Daily
Provided Eid Gifts to Over 750 Families

PTSD Emergency In Gaza

The United Nations calls Gaza "hell on earth" for children.
A study conducted in 2020, before last year's conflict, found that 53.5 percent of children in Gaza were suffering from PTSD. Nearly 90 percent had experienced personal trauma. Gazans' life experiences underscore the unique emotional challenges they face living under constant occupation and frequent conflict. A study released this summer says 9 out of 10 children in Gaza suffer from some form of conflict-related trauma. The lack of an integrated health care system in Gaza compounded by restrictions on mobility, the blockade on goods and services from both Israel and Egypt, and the threat of violence with no place for shelter leaves Gaza with a traumatized population and a system equipped to help.

About Our Psychological Support Project

➤ Delivering Therapeutic Approaches to Children and Families in Palestine 

➤ Supporting Resilience in Traumatised People

➤ Giving Specialist Psychological Training & Supervision.

➤ In 2022, we have reached out to around 24,000 children and young adults providing them with psychological support sessions.
➤We will also be also providing 600 children and their families will 12-sessions long psychological support.

➤We are also running training for 1000 public sector professionals so that they are better equipped to help and understand the needs and behaviors of people with PTSD.

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