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Feed the Forgotten

Through Feed the Forgotten, we provide people with food packs that can support a family of 5 up to a month. Our food parcels constitute wheat flour or rice (dependent on the country), pulses, cooking oil, salt and sugar.  

Feed the Forgotten 2024

During Ramadan 2024, Muntada Aid will be distributing Ramadan food parcels in 22 countries with a greater focus on East Africa and war-ravaged Gaza.

Muntada Aid Impact 2023

In 2023, Muntada Aid provided over

2.04 Million Meals

to over

78,500 People


19 Countries

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Gaza Crisis  

Last week, most aid agencies warned that more than one in four households in Gaza were enduring “catastrophic” hunger. The risk of famine occurring in the Strip within the next six months was confirmed by the latest Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report, which showed that the entire population of Gaza, some 2.2 million people, is living with “crisis or worse” levels of acute food insecurity.

In Gaza, more than 30,000 people have been killed and over 70,000 injured in Israeli attacks since October 7.

What is Muntada Aid Doing In Gaza?

Even before the war, Muntada Aid was in Gaza, providing psychological support to children and families suffering from PTSD. We also built solar-powered water stations in the besieged strip.

Since the start of the ongoing war, Muntada Aid has delivered emergency relief to people escaping war.

In 2023, we served 36,000 children and families with psychological support, medical aid and emergency food.

Since October, we have distributed food for over 3 million meals in Gaza.

This Ramadan, we are providing emergency food and Ramadan food packs to people in besieged Gaza.

Donating just £65 will provide a Ramadan food pack to people at the Raffa refugee camp.

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Country in Focus – Niger

Muntada Aid is actively focussing on Niger, providing people with food, water and health programmes. 

Why Niger?


of people live below the national poverty line (2011)


of people live in rural areas

18 Million

estimated population (2015)

Niger is a land-locked country in the Sahel region facing a food deficit. Its population of 18 million people is growing at 4 percent a year – one of the highest rates in the world.

More than 1.5 million people in Niger were affected by food insecurity in 2017. Another 1.5 million are estimated to be chronically food insecure, and millions more experience transitory shortages during the lean season. Nearly 20 percent of the population cannot meet their food needs because of factors such as inadequate agricultural production, security constraints and high demographic growth.

What is Muntada Aid Doing In Niger?

We are supporting a school meals programme for underprivileged children on the outskirts of Niamey, Niger. There are over 250 children at this school, most of whom come from impoverished families. These children often come to school without any breakfast and no guarantee of food for the day.

We are also building a modern kitchen, dining area, and washroom facilities, besides providing daily nutritious meals at the school premises. Our food programme will provide cooked meals on the premises. The school dinner will consist of rice, lentils, vegetables and meat (chicken and goat meat will be served twice a week)

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School Meals Programme  

This Ramadan, Provide Free School Meals to Children in Africa

Many children arrive at school having had little or no breakfast. Without a lunch at school, some children would choose to stay at home, while those at school would go through the day learning on an empty stomach or be forced to walk home at lunchtime hoping to find a meal.  

Muntada Aid runs a school meals programme in three African countries, providing over 650 children free school meals to study at our partner schools and centres. 

We have a fully functional kitchen onsite, and in the mornings, we provide freshly cooked porridge. The lunch and dinners are a combination of beans, plantain or rice. 

What is Muntada Aid Doing?

Muntada Aid runs a school meals programme in three African countries, providing over 650 children free school meals to study at our partner schools and centres. 

We have a fully functional kitchen onsite, and in the mornings, we provide freshly cooked porridge. The lunch and dinners are a combination of beans, plantain or rice. 

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Mali Emergency  

Mali has experienced armed conflict and political instability in the north of the country, causing displacement and stretching already scarce resources in host communities in the south. 

In 2012, armed conflict and political instability in the north sent hundreds of thousands of Malians to the country’s south, further exacerbating regional food shortages.  

Over 520,000 have fled northern Mali in search of safe haven in other countries, and another 330,000 have been internally displaced. Mali’s crisis has led to the collapse of public services, especially health care and education in the north. 

Coming on the heels of a food crisis that sent malnutrition surging across the Sahel region, the war exacerbated food insecurity, prompting UNICEF to deploy an emergency response that continues today.

What is Muntada Aid Doing in Mali?

 Over the years, thousands of displaced due to conflict in the north are now living in camps outside of Bamako with almost zero access to food, shelter, and most of the essentials.

Muntada Aid is providing monthly food packs to 50 families living in these makeshift spaces outside Bamako.

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Yemen Emergency

Yemen conflict is now in its eighth year and the country’s socio-economic systems remain on the edge of total collapse. The impact of the escalating conflict in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022 resulted in increased displacement and further disruption of public services, pushing humanitarian needs higher.

More than 23.4 million people (including 12.9 million children), almost three-quarters of the population, need humanitarian assistance and protection in 2022, an increase of 13 per cent from what was already an alarming figure in 2021. With more than 4.3 million internally displaced people since 2015, Yemen remains one of the largest internal displacement crises globally.”

What is Muntada Aid Doing in Yemen?

Muntada Aid is in Yemen since 2020 providing food assistance to 150 families (Over 1000 people) at Taiz Refugee camp. Most of the people living at this camp are from the port city of Hodeidah after fighting erupted between the warring factions in 2018.

Since June 2020, we have delivered over 2 million meals at Taiz Refugee Camp.

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Fundraise for Feed the Forgotten

This pack will provide you with information and inspiration to fundraise for Feed the Forgotten campaign. 

We have created some digital media downloadable resources to make your fundraising a little easier.

You can make the month of Ramadan even more special by hosting an iftar party for a worthy cause.

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