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Muntada Aid School Meals Programme

Muntada Aid is running a school meals programme in three African countries providing 650 children free school meals at our partner schools and community centres.   

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Muntada Aid is on a journey to transform education at our partner schools in Africa. Apart from building the capacity, we are providing free school meals to children at these institutions.  

We are currently running our school meals programme in Uganda, Niger and  Mali.  

Why School Meals?

Over the years of working with communities and leading various education programmes across Africa, we learned that millions of children around the go to school on an empty stomach. The research shows that the hunger affects their concentration and ability to learn.  

Studies across Africa show that girls are at a particular disadvantage as many families keep them at home to perform domestic duties like cooking, cleaning, fetching water and help in the fields.  In the countries that riddled political instability and conflict these numbers double for children 2.5 times more likely in the case of girls. 

School meal programmes is a game changer in addressing many of these challenges. It helps keep children in school, improve attendance, results and health of children. It also provides employment and builds economy and food systems.  

Muntada Aid has a long history of building education infrastructure across Africa over three decades now. Our ultimate aim to cultivate better food habits and education standards at these institutions and help build communities where future generations are healthy and skilled to meet the challenges of the fast changing world.  

How You Can Support  


Muntada Aid, in partnership with Buraq Educational Trust are providing modern primary education to 300 children in the outskirts of Uganda.

The school has three nursery classes where we educate children from 3 to 6 years. At the primary school section we are teaching over 190 children.

All children are taught English, Maths, Sciences, History, Social Sciences along with other subjects recommended by the government's national curriculum. The other fundamental part of the education programme are sports and nutritious food. We encourage children to participate in sports activities and have a full-fledged programme available for football and track and field.

School Meals

As children start early and spend most of the day at school, we provide two and three school meals to children daily throughout the term time. We have a fully functional kitchen onsite, and in the mornings, we provide freshly cooked porridge. The lunch and dinners are a combination of beans and plantain. 

We are currently in the process of refurbishing the school building, furniture, bathrooms and also modernising the kitchen and washing areas.   

Our Virtual Class Room

How You Can Support

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a Month Will Help Provide Modern Education and School Meals (3/Day) for One Week for a Child in Uganda.

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a Month Will Help Provide Modern Education and School Meals (3/Day) for TWO Weeks for a Child in uganda.

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Children's Food Crisis in Mali

According to the latest report from the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) close to five million children are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in Mali, including health, nutrition, education, and protection services - as well as access to safe water. The number shows an increase of at least 1.5 million children in need since 2020.

This developing situation is due to protracted armed conflict, internal displacement, and restricted humanitarian access risks pushing nearly one million children under the age of 5 in Mali into acute malnutrition by December 2023 – with at least 200,000 at risk of dying of hunger if life-saving aid fails to reach them.

Mali's ongoing political situation is complex, and a developing humanitarian crisis that is unfortunately going under the radar of global aid agencies and needs the attention it deserves.

The plight of children and families in Mali is part of a wider regional emergency in the central Sahel, which also includes Burkina Faso and Niger. Despite these ongoing crises, humanitarian workers and supplies need to safely reach the most vulnerable children and families where urgently needed. Any disruptions or delays in aid delivery will have a negative impact on the survival of children and their families.

Current Education Situation in Mali

Although education in Mali has been improving over the last decade, more than two million children aged between 5 to 17 still do not go to school, and over half of Mali&rsquo's young people aged 15 to 24 are not literate.

Household poverty, child labour, child marriage, insecurity and a lack of schools close to children’s homes are all factors driving the high drop out and out-of-school rate in Mali. Among children that do attend school, the absence of qualified teachers, textbooks and low-quality school environment all adversely affect learning outcomes: the vast majority of students in fifth grade in Mali are not able to master basic mathematics and reading skills.

What Are We Doing About It?



Muntada Aid in partnership with our local partners is providing modern secondary school education to both boys and girls living in the area of Komantou some 250 kilometres from Bamako, the country’s political capital.

With regard to physical infrastructure we are providing a modern school building, solar powered energy network for water and daily electrical needs, access to clean drinking water, football field and a separate building and computers for computer education.

Vocational Training

Muntada Aid is also providing scholarships to some of the most vulnerable girls living studying bachelors in fashion design at National …. Our scholarship programs ease their financial burden while they pursue their education.

The programmes are primarily aimed to help girls who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, and some of them live at girls-only institutes run by local charities.   

Providing Food to Vulnerable Children 

The second part of our food programme is aimed at helping vulnerable children (mostly girls) living safe spaces managed by local charities in Bamako. We provide freshly cooked meals to almost 100 children living in one such space in Bamako.

The aim of this project to build food security by providing regular and nutritious meals to these children within a safe space whilst they attend education and vocational programmes at government run schools and institutions. 

How You Can Support

donating just


Donating Just £5 a Month Will Provide Nutritious Meals for one week to School Going Girls in Mali.

donating just


Donating Just £10 a Month Will Provide Modern Education to School Children in Mali.

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Donating Just £15 a Month Will Provide Vocational Training Scholarships to Underprivileged Girls in Mali.

Malnutrition in Niger

Malnutrition is a major threat to children's health and development in Niger. According to 2018 data, 15 per cent of children are acutely malnourished in Niger (unchanged since 2006).

As Niger's population continues to grow, the burden of malnutrition will persist unless significant efforts are put into preventing malnutrition that addresses all the multisectoral causes. The number of stunted children is expected to increase by 44 per cent by 2025 owing to population growth.

The country has the world's eleventh highest rate of mortality among children under the age of 5, a population that barely has access to proper sanitation, low school attendance and harmful practices like early marriage.

Niger is a youthful and predominantly rural country. Its population of 21.5 million is 50 per cent female, 80 per cent rural, and 58.2 per cent below the age of 18.

With close to half of Nigeriens living in poverty, the prospects of many children are dim, and they risk becoming the next impoverished generation. About 48 per cent of children live under the monetary poverty line, and 75 per cent of young children under the age of 5 are deprived of three or more essential social services.

Assessments have shown that most students (93 per cent) in primary grades 2 and 5 need help to read or do mathematics properly. Adult literacy is very low – 14 per cent for women and 42 per cent for men.

Girls are less likely to go to school than boys, and children from the poorest homes are 1.6 times more likely to never attend school than children from the wealthiest households.

What is Muntada Aid Doing?

We are supporting a school meals programme for underprivileged children on the outskirts of Niamey, Niger.
There are over 250 children at this school, most of whom come from impoverished families. These children often come to school without any breakfast and no guarantee of food for the day.
We are also building a modern kitchen, dining area, and washroom facilities, besides providing daily nutritious meals at the school premises. Our food programme will provide cooked meals on the premises. The school dinner will consist of rice, lentils, vegetables and meat (chicken and goat meat will be served twice a week)

donating just


 Just £ 6 a Month Will Provide Nutritious Meals to a Child for a Week in Niger.

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