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Our Purpose

Muntada Aid is a global humanitarian charity which operates in some of the world’s most vulnerable places, by providing much-needed assistance to communities that have been affected by disasters, conflicts, and the cycle of poverty.

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Our Vision

Muntada Aid has a Vision of a world where everyone is free to live without the reliance on aid or injustice and where everyone can lead healthy and secure lives.

People around the world donated to our cause and maximized their impact. We need your help. Here’s how you can get involved.

Great Stories

January 15, 2020

3 Cities Tour Documentary

This documentary is about highs and lows of 26 riders as they bike through Prague, Ceske Budejovice and Vienna to fund children’s heart ...

January 07, 2020

The Spirit of Humanity

In a world of videogames and touch screen entertainment, it is so easy for children to lose the perspective of what is happening in the ...

November 22, 2019

First Successful VSD Interventions Performed on Children in Uganda

Our team of doctors have successfully performed first Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) interventions on children at the Uganda Heart Inst...

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7 Bridges Place
Parsons Green

Reg Charity no: 1157117