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Muntada Aid launches its 2018 Ramadan campaign - lets restore hope – at the house of commons

Muntada Aid, a UK-based international aid organisation which is based in west London, launched its 2018 Ramadan campaign - Let’s Restore Hope – at the House of Commons on Thursday 26th April in the attendance of over 200 dignitaries from cross-section of the society, including Lords, MPs, faith and community leaders, donors and supporters of Muntada Aid.

Last year Muslim charities across the UK raised over £100million from communities in the UK during Ramadan. Monies raised were used to help people both in the UK and in developing countries. Projects which were successfully funded included those that helped children enter education, mental health support for children who had witnessed the atrocities of war, support of food banks in the UK and essential and vital emergency relief.  

The month of Ramadan is a time of thinking of those who are less fortunate – the victims of poverty, conflicts and disasters around the world and at home. It is a time for reflection and gratitude for all the security and comfort we enjoy.   Hosted by Andy Slaughter MP, Muntada Aid called on people to stand with them to restore hope to those less fortunate than themselves.

Speaking at the event, Andy Slaughter MP said;

How do you respond to the worst of humanity? You respond with love, kindness, and help. That’s what I respect most about Muntada Aid.” 

Representatives from Hammersmith and Fulham Council, the Muslim Charities Forum, Lord Sheikh and representatives from Muntada Aid’s partners – including the aid organisation Hope and Aid Direct were in attendance to celebrate the work Muntada Aid has done and to look forward to helping more in need.   Lord Sheikh, who joined the House of Lords in 2006 and has been an avid supporter of Muntada Aid’s award-winning Little Hearts Project said about the role of Muslim charities work during Ramadan; “Most Muslims around the world believe in helping people around the world who are less fortunate as themselves. I am sure that everyone will agree that there is a great satisfaction in giving. If you give something the donor and recipient both get satisfaction.  

“Muslim charities help deserving causes in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Some countries have been affected by war, other by famine and climate changes. These charities provided fabulous work by providing water, shelter and food.   “There are many Muslim charities which are based here in the United Kingdom – last year they raised £38 per second during Ramadan.”  

Muntada Aid’s CEO Hamid Azad said;

“This year has been incredibly difficult to bare; atrocities, conflicts, and natural disasters that are causing devastation and trauma all around the world. “In the blink of an eye, these issues have destroyed the lives of countless innocent people, including thousands of innocent children and mothers.” 

Homes have been burnt and bombed, lives have been turned upside down, and families traumatised by the loss of their loved ones. “Millions have been going through major suffering and trials that many of us would be overwhelmed by. However, despite all they go through, they persevere with nothing but HOPE. “Ramadan is soon approaching, and it is the month of hope. So, together let’s restore hope. “Over the last few months, I have visited many African countries. During my travels’ I have come across many victims of oppression and injustices, destitute children, distressed individuals, families, communities, and one thing that I was told is that those who have suffered have incredible power; that is “hope” which inspired me immensely.   “It is my humble request to you all to help us restore hope this Ramadan in disadvantaged communities worldwide. Be part of our campaign to create hope to the most vulnerable people who do not even have basic human rights like you and I. Therefore it’s a great pleasure to be able to celebrate the arrival of Ramadan with you all to bring hope and happiness to the lives of those who need our support.” 


First Floor – LMC Business Wing
38 – 44 Whitechapel Road
E1 1JX

Reg Charity no: 1157117