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Nafa Family Islamic Study: Broken Minds supporters

Nafa Family Islamic Study Circle hosted a black-tie event on Saturday 24th of November 2018 at Tipu Sultan for the Children of Syria in support of Muntada Aid's Project Broken Minds.

Little did we know that it was Dr. Naila and her husband Shahid's 27th Wedding anniversary. They didn't want to disclose this information as they solely wanted this day to be the day of goodness. A day that is pleasing to Allah. But due to the love of her friends and families, they surprised them with love (cake!) and gratitude (especially their dear friend Shahana Khan OBE.

The night was filled with amazing programmes such as beautiful Quran recitation, Poem for Children of Syria, Stand up comedy, Comedy sketch and many more. Sheikh Abu Usama gave some nourishing advice as well as sharing personal accounts of his life with his child that was dear to his heart. He mentioned that he travels a lot but always couldn't wait to get back to his child. So imagine the lost love of the children of Syria.

Muntada Aid’s Broken Minds project works to directly help Syrian children and their mothers, who are currently living in Istanbul, rebuild their lives.

Thanks to Nafa Study Circle, they managed to sponsor approximately 50 Syrian children who by the will of Allah, receive support and have an opportunity to rebuild their lives through a psychosocial support program in Istanbul. We also thank Allah for allowing us Muntada Aid to have such a unique and rewarding project to be able to deliver to those young innocent Syrian children.

Muntada Aid & Nafa Study Circle would like to thank A - Mir & Co LTD and Elite Surgical for sponsoring this event as well as a special thanks to: Abid and Farah Mir - who helped in so many ways behind the scene Sheikh Abu Usama - for always being so inspirational Shahana Khan - for being Dr. Naila oldest and dearest friend All the cast - Mohammad, Sofia, Ibrahim, Faizah, Zeynab, Sabeeh, Usman, Aisha, Hasnat, Abdul Rehman, Ahmed, Ali, Zara, Mariyah, Ibrahim, Maryam, Zahra, Zubair, Adyan, Farooq, Ayman, and all their wonderful parents. Special thanks to Yusuf Dirisi of Muntada Aid for his amazing fundraising skills and his passionate speech that displayed his sincerity and love for the project and its success And to Dr. Naila's family Shahid, Zarina, Noreena, Junaid, and Idris who always supports her in her projects.

To all the families who form a part of Nafa Study circle, May Allah reward you all abundantly, May Allah bless you all and protect you from all harm. May peace, joy, and happiness be filled in your homes and circles. May He be gracious to you all and keep you all safe. May He, The greatest, make you successful in this life and hereafter. May He continue to open the door of goodness toward you so that you continue to grow closer to Him.

Yours sincerely,
Muntada Aid Team


First Floor – LMC Business Wing
38 – 44 Whitechapel Road
E1 1JX

Reg Charity no: 1157117