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We Wish Qabul Best of Luck

Little Hearts Transcends Borders  

It has been a tough time for 12-month-old Qabul and her family. She was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect at birth and since then, her family are desperately trying to get it treated.

Somalia lacks the specialist care and expertise needed to treat her condition. The family has limited income sources and has been going from pillar to post to sort her treatment.

One of Qabul's cousins received a heart intervention during our last deployment in Egypt. Her cousin's parents got in touch with us regarding Qabul. After various bureaucratic delays, we could finally invite Qabul to our upcoming mission to Tanzania, where Muntada Aid's international team of doctors will treat her condition.

We can only help children like Qabul because our donors, supporters, volunteer doctors, nurses and support staff believe in our mission of providing free quality care to children suffering from Congenital Heart Defects. 

If you would like to support our campaign, please visit muntadaaid.org/donate.

Thank you for your support.

Little Hearts Team Will Travel to Tanzania in October 

We are pleased to announce that Little Hearts will be travelling to Tanzania, where the team aims to perform over 50 surgeries on children with various Congenital Heart conditions in October.

With your support, we have saved 164 children in three countries in 2022. The fact is that without our Little Hearts programme travelling to these countries, these children will struggle to receive treatment for this crippling and dangerous condition. 

This will be our 40th Little Hearts deployment. We have now operated on over 24,00 children during these deployments in 11 countries. 

Our Little Hearts team is again ready to travel to Tanzania in early October, where they aim to operate on over 50 children. The mission starts 09th of October at Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute, Muhimbili Hospital, United Nations Road, Dar es Salaam.

We managed to assemble a team of international specialists from four different countries. It will be our 6th deployment in Tanzania.

" We plan to perform 50-60 operations during the seven-day mission. During our previous deployments in Tanzania, we saved 352 children. This East African nation is still economically poor, and hundreds of children are on a waiting list to receive these operations. The list keeps growing with inadequate health infrastructure and a shortage of specialist doctors. We hope this mission will bring some comfort to children and families,” said Kabir Miah, Programmes Manager, Muntada Aid.

All these operations are free to children from the point of contact and funded by donations made towards the Little Hearts programme from various parts of the world. "

About Little Hearts 

In poor underdeveloped countries, the lack of specialized medical infrastructure means babies born with congenital heart defects have little or no access to necessary treatment.  

Muntada Aid believes ignoring this deadly killer is tantamount to a death sentence for the many children born with this disease.  

Most of these conditions can be fixed, but children suffer due to a lack of resources, infrastructure, and specialist medical staff.  

We are committed to children with CHD and provide them with an opportunity for a healthy life.  

Our missions are free from the point of contact and are powered by your donations.

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4th Floor LMC
Business Wing
38-44 Whitechapel Road
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Reg Charity no: 1157117