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Qurbani 2020 - Your Sacrifice, Their Smiles

It is neither the meat nor their blood that reaches Allah, but it is the piety from you that reaches Him. (Qur’an 22:37)

Due to high demand, we have now reached capacity for band A

An Estimated 265 million people could go hungry in 2020

nearly double to 2019 figures, according to the world food programme.

As hunger becomes an immediate concern due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, your Qurbani could go a long way in helping some of the most vulnerable communities.

Perform your Qurbani with Muntada Aid in 23 countries including Syria, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen and help some of the most vulnerable communities.

PLEASE NOTE: One sacrifice within a price band is equal to a sheep or 1/7 of a cow. 
For 1 whole animal please select a quantity of 7.

Qurbani is the only time some of these families eat meat in a whole year.

Muntada Aid has been carrying out Qurbani projects since its inception. In 2019, Muntada Aid carried out its Qurbani project in 20 countries, benefiting 136,850 individuals.

The meat is distributed fresh, though in some cases, depending on the local factors and need. It may be distributed frozen or canned.

Our partner organisations purchase animals from local suppliers, which is cost-effective and also helps the local economy. The average meat packet contains roughly three to five kilograms of meat (depending on the region and type of animal) and can provide essential protein supplement to a family of five for over a week at least.

Our Qurbani project is aimed to serve poor families, orphans, widows, refugees, elderly and economically deprived communities. This year, with your support, our Qurbani project will again be reaching thousands of poor and vulnerable families in 22 countries.

Egypt South Africa Syria Mauritania Benin Niger Senegal Togo Somalia
Sudan Nigeria Ghana Pakistan Ethiopia Uganda Ivory Coast Mali
Bangladesh Sri Lanka Tanzania Nepal India Chad

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First Floor – LMC Business Wing
38 – 44 Whitechapel Road
E1 1JX

Reg Charity no: 1157117