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In response to the devastating floods in Libya, Muntada Aid has launched an emergency appeal to reach and help people affected.

The death toll stands at more than 5,000 in Libya but could rise significantly and rescue teams are warning over the threat of disease spreading.

Multi-storey buildings were washed into the sea while families slept on Sunday, when a powerful storm burst dams and left Derna severely flooded. 

The number of dead could reach 20,000, according to the city's mayor, with at least 30,000 displaced. 

Rescue teams have arrived from Egypt, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Qatar, the mayor said, as the beach remains littered with clothes, toys and furniture. 

Deep mud covers the streets, which are also strewn with hundreds of wrecked cars and fallen trees - one car was even wedged on a second-floor balcony. 

Libyan officials appealed for international help on Monday, warning the country doesn't have the necessary experience to deal with a disaster of this scale. 

What is Muntada Aid Doing?

Our partner teams on the ground are reaching the communities with the first response support. This includes provision of food, water, emergency shelter kits and other relief items.

How can you help those affected by the floods?

The best way to help us reach people affected by the flooding in Libya is by donating to our appeal, which will support on our partner teams on the ground.

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4th Floor LMC
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38-44 Whitechapel Road
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Reg Charity no: 1157117